Our Delta

From Tulcea to the Great Sea, Danube spreads itself into tens of channels which are penetrating like the blood arteries a body, a phantastic world which invites you to discover.

But firstly stop in Tulcea, the entry gate of the Danube Delta listening the remote call of Delta's birds and breath deeply the humid air enriched by promising fragrances of muddy waters and fishes.

The new Tulcea, like any Romanian town along the Danube with unatractive socialist building blocks, but especially, the old Tulcea miraculously escaped from Ceausescu's caterpillars, sitting on green hills, hidden behind the blocks with churches speaking in terms of multiculturality.

The local women are beautiful, here people mixed together and not seldom a blond hair ornates a levantic phisionomy.

Do you want to enter the Delta as an informed tourist? Stop a while in Tulcea's museums,you won't regrete it, no matter which, the Art Museum, the Danube's Delta Museum, the Archaeology Museum or the Ethnographical Museum.

Maybe you will argue telling me that it was not your intention to do so, but you will not believe me when I will tell you that in the Art Museum of Tulcea you will find splendid classical works belonging to Darascu, Tuculescu, Ciucurencu, but also modern works of Maxy, Marcel Iancu, Victor Brauner you did not think about .

Tulcea is the starting point of our adventure, but the second location we recommend is Sulina.

Because Sulina it can offer the emotion of discovery of the traces of the discreet charm of a multiethnic and multicultural bourgeoisy which lived here at the place where Danube flows its waters into the sea.

It is like the descent on a submerged Titanic, that is the image offered by Sulina covered by a timeless protective dust

Surrealistic images abound, houses worned down by time, old fences, dried weeds guarding a dusty road crossed by a water way where a huge ship serves as a backstage.

And the graveyard, oh, the graveyard, a memory of a lost world, the one of an Europe which was present here, the Europe which neglects now our European condition is here received by the Romanian ground, forgotten, and integrated through English, French, Italians as well as Turks, Jews looking for an Eldorado and finding the peace into this remote corner of the continent.

But Delta means primarily miriads of channels between Tulcea, Sulina and Sfantul Gheorghe, covered by boats through rustling rods, pushing away floating islands called "plauri" and awakening ducks, swans and pelicans in clearlike sky lakes, and especially watching the water tremolo under the fishing rods; it means also small lands between channels just to nourish a heaven's garden, fantastic dawns spent in tired boats coming back at home, hot sands on remote and deserted beaches at Sulina, Sfantul Gheorghe, or Portita.

Maybe it will be better to start our journey in the world of history and legend on the hills of Macin under the ruined walls of Heraclea, letting snakes and hawks to siffle into your ears the story of argonauts who left these places to look for their golden wool crossing the Razelm and Black Sea's waters toward their destination, the famous Colchida.

What could I tell you to make you act?

Passing a little bit in a commonplace register, I invite you to enjoy a fish bortsch, prepaired by a fishermen under a weeping willow, to sip a vodca in front of the fire when you finish the day with that joy the locals are practising, to fish a big pike fish or to enjoy rowing through rustling reeds in any direction, living the freedom that Delta offers with so much generosity.

Gheorghe Samoila, Project manager


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