Flora si fauna Deltei:
Delta's fauna
Fish species
Lectii de instruire:
The ecosystem
The delta out of the water
The delta on the shore
The plain - underground
Building the plain
Test - the photographer
Final test

Lessons for understanding the importance of saving the Danube's Delta habitat.

Transport to the
Danube Delta area

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Danube's water levels

Fishing zones

This section aims at bringing together educational resources in order to recreate a comprehensive picture of the Danube Delta, seen as a complex ecosystem. The section targets not only students, but also all those interested in this unique region.

We intend to offer the public of all ages a resource, which is not limited to merely providing scientific data about the Danube Delta, but goes beyond that. The section presents a habitat, which is both breathtaking and fragile, in the attempt to raise public awareness concerning its importance and the necessity to protect it.

Far from being another schoolbook, the Instruction Section provides a different type of educational materials: these are applications, which go beyond the rigid framework of traditional lessons, being appealing and useful at the same time.

Based on these considerations, the adopted approach is a flexible one, relying on interactivity: computer assisted education. This particular type of educational resource presents the information within a special, more attractive framework. With the help of interactive instruments, simulations and 3D animations, it involves the visitor who becomes part of the lesson. The Delta becomes alive through every single lesson. The poor schoolbook drawings are replaced by fresh and dynamic graphics, giving an extra touch of colour to our didactic journey to the place where the Danube meets the sea.




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