Delta's Climate

The Danube Delta's climate is continentally tempered, with Pontycal influences, well individualized as deltaic climate. This climate is characterized by the most reduced nebulosity, a great number of clear sky days, long period of sun brightness and, consequently, the greatest quantity of solar energy. The climate, as well as flora and fauna, is influenced by the area covered with water which represent 80% of its total area.

The principal values of climatic parameters differ in the river delta area of western side to the river-marine delta in the east. The yearly medium temperature varies between 11 o and 11 o C; the medium temperature of January month is - 1.5 0 C in the west and - 1 0 C in the east; the medium temperature of July month is 22 0 C in the river delta and 21 0 C in the river-marine delta.

The precipitations have the most reduced values in our country, between 400-450 mm/year in west and 300-350 mm/year in the east. Despite the fact that it is situated next to the sea, and has many water areas inside, the delta has an accentuated continental climate.


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