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The XIV-XV period

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Danube Delta area

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Authors: Cristina Dinu, Aurel Stanica, dr. Steluta Parau, Mihaela Iacob

A revitalizing period was for Delta the constitution of the Dobrudjan feudal state and its integration into the Tara Romaneasca during the reign of Mircea The Old (1388). His title of "great king (...) over the whole Danube up to the Great Sea ..." confirm that the Delta was under his suzerainty. But after his death, the Turks will conquer Dobrudja after 1419-1420 campaigns. Despite that, Delta and Chilia remained under Alexandru cel Bun.

When Stefan the Great took the Moldavian throne (April 1457), Moldavia represented an objective for expansion of Hungary and Poland to the lower Danube basin. Under these circumstances Stefan builds in front of Chilia Veche, the New Chilia on the left side of the river. In 1484, the Turks conquer Chilia together with all surrounding area. The whole Dobrudja including Danube Delta enter under Turkish occupation which will last nearly four and a half centuries



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